Miracles Of Technology

God is the Creator, Master, and God of all worlds. He has sent a man into this world as his caliph and vicegerent and endowed him with such insight and wisdom that he can make various inventions to meet his daily needs. The Qur’an emphasizes on subjugating the universe and contemplating on it. All the heavens of progress that have been conquered so far are the charisma of science.


  • Command on the planets
  • Train and car
  • Government over winds and seas
  • Means of communication
  • Revolution in the medical world

Command on the planets:

God has made man the noblest of creatures. Allah Almighty has endowed man with innumerable mental qualities. Man has turned this world into a magical world through small and big inventions using his mental qualities and abilities. The old man came back to this world and saw that man is flying in the winds, cracking the chests of the seas and extracting mineral treasures from the earth, then for a while, his intellect will be lost. It will Man has conquered the moon, now he wants to reach Mars and other planets.

Train and car:

In ancient times, it was difficult for a man to get from one place to another. The journey of Kaf, that is, crossing the seas and mountains, was mentioned in the stories of the princes. Horses and camels were also used for travel, but these journeys could not guarantee escape from the cold, heat, and wild beasts. The man used his intellect to make wheels and train engines. The journey that used to take years and months and the way man used to move from one place to another by inviting diseases and deaths, the same journey has started in hours and safely. The train saved man’s precious time and while traveling, it felt as if he was sitting in a room of his house.

The car is also a great invention in scientific inventions. The train can reach certain places and it is impossible to lay the line everywhere. The car was invented because of this need. In modern times a car is becoming a necessity of every home. In developed countries, although everyone can buy a car, there are so many great facilities for trains and buses that people prefer to travel by train.

Government over winds and seas:

Today’s man has established rule over the winds and seas. In the beginning, man must have become interested in flying in the air just by seeing birds. However, he was guided by his intellect and he climbed on the shoulders of the air by inventing the airplane. The whole world was covered by air. Similarly, the invention of the ship is a great miracle of science. The raw materials, machinery, and defense equipment imported from distant lands are imported by ship. If ships had not been invented, man could not have made amazing progress in terms of business.

Means Of Communication:

There was a time when cavalry carried messages from one place to another, and the message was still not sure. The man now has access to services such as telephone, telegraph, telex, and fax. Your message reaches thousands of miles in one go. That is why the distinction between distances has disappeared and man has become very close to each other even though he is far away. In the same way, radio and television have bridged the gaps in the world. Hill news reaches from one end of the world to the other.

Revolution In The Medical World:

Scientific inventions have caused a stir in the medical world. X-rays, ultrasound, and computers have made it easier to diagnose the disease. Medications and injections have become a thing of the past. Now the era of human organ transplantation through surgery has begun. One person is being transplanted and another’s heart and kidneys are being transplanted to another. Scientific miracles have defeated the disease because the blind are getting sight. The deaf is getting hearing and the lame are being made able to walk.

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