Problems Of Teaching Technology In Education Field

Importance of Science and Technology In Human’s Life:

The age we are breathing in today is called the Era of science and technology. All spheres of life have come under the influence of science. There is no need to prove the effects of science on human life today. The presence of science can be felt in every person’s life in one way or another. Discovery and invention show by looking at human inclinations, that it has become impossible, if not impossible, for human beings to live without science. The color of science seems to dominate human life. Science is an essential and important need for human life. Science has improved our lives and quality of life.

Construction and Transformation.

Literature performs the same function in human life as any other constructive work, or so it may be said, that literature is of paramount importance in the construction and development of human society. It has the status of an icon in society, without which it is impossible to imagine a life. This component is called culture and national identity. Since human life is also called construction and transformation. There are various new revelations in each era. It is in these revelations that man realizes the importance of science and technology step by step. In view of the importance and usefulness of scientific knowledge, an inseparable link has been established between man and scientific knowledge. Similarly, science has become an integral part of the curriculum due to its importance, usefulness, and necessity. Science is a curriculum, which not only provides information on various facts, mysteries, trends, and laws. But also provides help in achieving set educational goals.

Advances In Science And Technology:

Advances in science and technology have had a profound effect on teaching and learning. In particular, information communication technology (ICT) has changed the face of the world of teaching. Because of this, teaching and learning have taken on new styles and angles, replacing the traditional outdated teaching methods. Especially in the teaching of science, computer technology has not only changed the teaching methods but also new teaching methods have played an important role in making the complexities of the scientific sciences easier to understand.

Promotion Of Technology:

The most important and necessary thing for the development of language is its education. If a language education system is disrupted, then no one can stop it from collapsing. All the major languages ​​of the world and Technology itself are therefore on the path of development. Because she is involved in formal education, but unfortunately faces serious difficulties at the teaching level. While the education system is the guarantor of the all-round promotion of Technology. Without it, the building of Technology development cannot be established. It is a pity that even today in the 9th century we teach obsolete stories and poems in these schools and colleges.

Current Global Issues And Science And Technology:

It is important to note that stories, hymns, and hymns are of great importance in our classical literature. But today’s man has come a long way in the race of life. We have to design the curriculum in such a way that it contains the knowledge of current global issues and science and technology. Such topics of new poets and writers have to be included in the syllabus, through which the students associated with Technology literature do not feel inferior to anyone in the tough competitions of the present era. Today, the curriculum requires ethics, health, and fitness, sports, modern scientific advances and inventions, the social, economic and geographical conditions of the developed countries of the world, the importance and usefulness of electronic and print media, general knowledge, goodwill and There is an urgent need to include topics such as empathy, mutual understanding and the historical, social, geographical, economic, economic conditions and events of one’s own country. Technology should be the medium of instruction for all these scientific, economic, and social subjects.

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