Teachers’ Treatment of Scientific Education

Science education is indispensable for the development of a conscious country. Why don’t satellites come to Earth under the influence of gravity from space?

To the same question when one of her students answers a classmate that satellites go into space and there is no gravity in space. So the whole congregation, including the respected teacher, is silent. Here is the cruelty, the superficial concept that is taught in the alphabet of physics that the earth revolves around the sun under the influence of gravity. Even the slightest understanding of it offers an absolute answer.

What about These Physicist Teachers?

And let alone an FSC college-level teacher who explains artificial gravity, a subject in physics, says that we need it when a rocket or an aircraft reaches space. We give artificial gravity because there is no gravity. Don’t stop there, when a physics professor explains in Kepler’s law that the sun is stationary. In response to this, when asked, in modern physics, we read that the sun is in motion, then Mr.’s answer is nothing but silence. The same attitude has been adopted in the case of artificial gravity in the 11th grade textbook and misinformation about gravity in space has been provided.

Do we want to eliminate knowledge from scientific sciences with this kind of non-standard education?

This is the kingdom of God, in which the position of the Ministry of Science and Technology is punished. The role of teachers reflects the social behavior of educated people. As far as the scientific sciences are concerned, we have a general lack. The scientific knowledge of many teachers is found to be weak.

When we were in elementary school, we had one of our general science teachers who had an MA history. He used to close our textbooks and tell us that a bacterial cell has a nucleus. However, the textbook itself denies this. Then comes the seventh-grade science textbook, which contained important information that sleeping under a tree at night is harmful. It is also booty, that the jinn ghost was not mentioned. However, I still believe that the standard of general science teachers in this mother of knowledge at the moment is that they will still be able to convey this information to the students. According to the teacher of the same mother of knowledge, science is wrong, because in the holiday science book it is stated in the article on the solar system that the sun is stationary while the earth is rotating. This is religiously wrong, and according to this religious law, Mr. is now vigorously propagating this theory with the same level of knowledge about science in another mother of 25 years of service.

Why Technology Teaching is Important in Education:

In the same mother of knowledge, a child who was influenced by a religious organization at an early age insisted on preparing the rest of the articles. Except for science because according to Mr. Neil Armstrong is a religious figure who took the first step on the moon instead. Mr.’s teachers were fans of this thinking.

As we reached the third college level, we had a physics professor who mocked the teachers at the school level, saying that they had taught you the law of ohms wrong.

V = iR

I r does not balance this equation as permanent, but it is resistance. In any case, there was nothing wrong with teaching artificial gravity. When scientists arrive in space, they create artificial gravity because there is no gravity. He used to say that he was a direct 17th-grade teacher after passing the Public Service Commission and he was proud to be a graduate of Eden Gardens College, Rawalpindi, and the University of Punjab. Used to betray his job. But it’s just a matter of science.

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