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The largest annual exhibition of innovative products and technologies, the “Consumer Electronics Show”, is in full swing in Las Vegas, USA. Thousands of brand new products from around the world are on display. But some of them meet the requirements of innovation and individuality at the same time. Here is a brief overview of some of these products, innovations, and inventions:

Silent conversation on the phone:

Called the “Hushme”, the device should be called a mouthpiece instead of headphones, which is worn like a bandage over the mouth. However, there is enough space in the inner part of the strip to move the lips to communicate.

The goal is to allow people to talk on the phone in such a way that others cannot hear them. Because “Hush Me” is specially designed so that the speaker’s voice does not go out of it and does not disturb the work of the people sitting around. It is currently in the form of a prototype to be placed in CES to attract investors for its commercial production.

Sensible comb:

This intelligent comb is called the Kerasotes Hair Coach, which is fitted with a sensitive microphone, which hears the sounds of friction while moving it through the hair. With the help of these sounds, it gets acquainted with your hair, scalp, and surroundings, and also guides you to brush your hair properly. Its price is kept at only $ 200.

A wake-up call:

This watch for sale at 150 does not ring the alarm. Instead, it begins to emit a strong odor, which forces the sleeper to wake up. The watch was developed by a company called Senservic Oriya, while a patent for an artificial but harmless odor is also in the company’s name.

Velvet Touch Screen:

This is a special touch screen, which makes the touch feel as if it has touched a velvet cloth, not a touch screen made of glass. It is thought that this touch screen, called “tenovas”, produces a slight vibration in the upper glass for a velvet-like sensation, which deceives our senses and makes us feel as if we have used silk or The velvet surface is touched. So far, only a prototype has been offered, so no price has been announced.

Bluetooth Toaster:

Made with Griffin technology, this toaster stays in touch with your smartphone via Blue Tooth and more or less burns the toasts inside. It can be purchased for only $100.

A cradle full of love:

Don’t go for less than your full potential. Called “The Happiest Baby Hear”, the cradle is very expensive, priced at 11 1,150 (approximately one and a half million Pakistani rupees), but it is equipped with an automated baby monitoring system. For restful sleep, the movement of the cradle-carrying motors keeps increasing and decreasing.

Emotional camera:

This camera not only recognizes your face but also understands the emotions that appear on your face. It has been dubbed the “Hubble Hugo SmartCam”, and it uses the latest facial recognition technology to detect that the person’s face is showing fatigue, fear, happiness, and sadness. Or anger etc, Because of its unique properties, it can be used in psychiatric hospitals. Advance bookings continue at Hubble Hugo 250 to 300% at CES.

The Most Comfortable Bed:

Like many other CES products, Sleep No. 360 is fully automatic, which not only remembers the state in which you sleep but also your feet during sleep. Also provides the necessary heat. When it comes to snoring, it raises the head a little, so that the snoring stops. However, if you change the crotch or place at any part of the night, it will push the mattress a little from that place, so as not to disturb your sleep. The price is unknown.

Transparent and sensible refrigerator:

The door to LG’s “Smart InstaView Refrigerator” is made up of a 29-inch wide touch screen, which becomes transparent when lightly knocked twice, and you can review the contents without having to open the refrigerator door. Can take.

In addition, the refrigerator automatically stays in touch with Amazon’s “Echo” online store, and as soon as it runs out of essential fruits or vegetables. It instantly adds them to your shopping list. Its price has not been determined yet.

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