The Relationship Between Science And Technology

Hand-woven, clothing custom is also now legendary. From the machines themselves, the lightest and thickest fabrics come out in elegant designs and become part of the fashion industry. The tradition of frozen food is also a branch of technology. Artificially bred animals have been introduced with the help of technology to meet the nutritional needs of human beings and satisfy their taste.

Use of scientific technology:

The use of scientific technology is not limited to food, clothing and shelter. But in other spheres of life as well, he is totally overwhelmed. Whether it is the field of education or medical, it is now based on modern technology. All departments and offices now have a computerized system. Whether it is the registration of criminals in the police station or the court affairs of the courts, the bank, or the office of NADRA, the technology system has made it easier and faster to manage the tasks as well. Science and technology have also changed the course of wars. Soldiers fighting hand in hand are no longer needed. They have been replaced by nuclear weapons and drones. With the push of a few buttons, the whole city is destroyed.

Smart screens instead of blackboards in educational institutions:

Blackboards have been replaced by smart screens in educational institutions. It is now common in schools to type more than to write. All the thick books in the library are now available at home in pdf format in the eBook format. The most amazing invention of the 20th century was the computer, of which man was very proud of the speed of lightning, but the touch screen mobile phone and Wi-Fi of the last decade also beat the computer. Now a tiny mobile phone is doing many things at once. The little cell phone has digested people’s pocket diaries, watches, children’s calculators, wall calendars, flashlights and even TVs, video games and radios. The limit is that now people, instead of meeting face to face for condolences, visits and congratulations, they perform these duties on Facebook.

More machines than humans:

Take a look at your homes, you will see more machines than humans. There is also an AC, heater, oven, washing machine, sewing machine, grinder, juicer, chopper, batter, kneading machine, washing machine and baking machine. It is not far off that in a few years, in addition to feeding bread, machines for sleeping and bathing people will also be invented.

 Technology is very harmful to human health:

The importance of science and technology in its place is undeniable, which cannot be denied in any way, nor can the benefits of this technology be withdrawn. But it is also a fact that this technology has become very harmful to human health. The first man used to walk miles to get from one place to another for his work. Due to which his body was healthy and strong. The legs were also strong and all the organs of the body performed their functions properly. But now man has become a victim of laziness and sloth. If he has to cover even a short distance, he uses a car. The digestive system is affected all the time due to not walking. Obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, knee pain and various diseases.

 Machines Consume A Large Part Of Human Time:

Despite all these disadvantages, the man actually built machines to play his time. But these machines consume a large part of human time. Unnecessary gossip on mobile phones, spying on Facebook all the time. Countless games and junk videos are a waste of time. Thanks to mobile phones, parents do not have time to give to their children and children do not have time to give to their parents. Because of this mobile, man has been cut off from his parents, siblings, friends and relatives.

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