Discovering A New Direction In The Universe

Scientists have said that it seems that there is another direction in the universe. If this proves to be true, then Einstein’s theory of gravity will be destroyed.

Does the Universe Look the Same in all Directions:

Scientists studying a 13-billion-light-year-old star at Earth have reported that there seems to be another direction in the universe. If this proves to be true, it would not only destroy Newton’s theory of gravity but also shatter Einstein’s theory of surplus and make it meaningless. At the same time, the standard model of cosmology is likely to be destroyed. According to a report presented by foreign media, the four basic forces that support our universe are weak nuclear power, gravity, electromagnetism, and strong nuclear power (electromagnetism). Now, after this new discovery, it seems that to measure the electromagnetism found between electric particles, which is actually the basic physical constant. He is astonishingly indirect, we know, that the thing inside an atom keeps the electrons attached to its center. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Is the Universe Expanding in all Directions?

Researchers at the University of New South Wales Australia have collected data and images with the help of a huge telescope installed in the Latin American country of Chile. In order to compare the same force with the formation of the universe with the data of the first one billion years, the results that have come out have forced experts to question whether there is any other balance in our universe or There is a comprehensive balance between these forces, which has saved the entire universe from destruction.

When we put all the data together,” says Dr. John Webb, a physicist who is part of the research team. When we look at it, we realize that as we go deeper into the universe, the electromagnetism gradually increases, but when we look in the opposite direction, there is a gradual decrease in the electromagnetism. Occurs, which makes it seem as if there is another direction in the universe. To put it bluntly, there must have been an era when there was north and south in this universe or there were definitely such designated places. From there the electromagnetism gradually changed, but it is certain that its value must have remained constant somewhere.

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U.S. experts have also confirmed the findings of a team of Australian experts, who also estimated the direction in the X-rays. Although this research is still ongoing and it is premature to say anything comprehensively about its full results at the moment, the scientists who are working on this new research. This revelation may force them to make new discoveries. Remember that Kawasar is a type of astronomical constellation in the universe, which looks like a star, and emits large amounts of radio waves.

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