The Role of Science Fiction in the Development of Humanity

This year’s Nobel Prize went to three scientists who did unprecedented research to discover new worlds. Of the three astronomers, Jim Pebbles is from the United States, and Michael Meyer and Didier Coelhos are from Switzerland. In his research, Pebbles sought to find out how our universe came into being, what its constituents are, and how they are interconnected, while Meyer and Didier centered on the planets. They discovered a planet outside the solar system that orbits another star as it passes through the sun. Such planets are called “exoplanets” in space science terms.

What Does Technology Fiction teach us:

Technology believe that there are more than 4,000 such planets in space. Remember, these achievements cannot be dismissed as science fiction and conspiracy theories, as countries like the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Russia, and India are taking part in the space conquest.

Our rulers, intellectuals, and politicians are constantly urging the youth, especially the youth, to pursue higher education and work hard for national development, and every government claims to promote technology, but then from time to time the education system.

Statements of flawed, slavish thinking, and revolutionary changes also keep coming up. Interestingly, it is our leaders who consider the curriculum to be slavish thinking, who themselves were educated in the UK and did not realize it for a moment, even though the Pakistani nation so she’s been sobbing for the last 72 years.

Information Technology Education:

Then, as they talk about revolutionizing the curriculum, they forget that their own children thrive on education under the Cambridge and Oxford systems. They proudly claim to have defeated the British education system, but most schools in the Cambridge and Oxford systems are teaching children to swim in the name of education and to buy old computers from scavengers. Children and their parents are being fooled in the name of IT education.

Why New Discoveries And Inventions Are Becoming Possible In The World:

However, this nation never gets a chance to think about it, because it considers its salvation in providing non-maintenance and so-called quality education to its children. Our speakers try to prove themselves scholars by giving examples of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, but no one has ever tried to figure out how the likes of Steve Jobs, Einstein, Rutherford, Newton, and Galileo were born. And how their achievements are being carried forward. We have never bothered to think about why new discoveries and inventions are becoming possible in the world. Also, how the stages from imagination to creation are determined and no, how it changes into the obvious.

Invention and Discovery of 15th Century AD:

However, after the fifteenth century AD, the West became obsessed with invention and discovery. This was the period of the European Renaissance. During this time Europeans discovered new human populations on other continents, but still thirsty, they began to conquer space. After inventing the telescope, Galileo presented his theories about the solar system and the seven planets orbiting the sun. Then the West began to explore new worlds at the bottom of the ocean. Here the question arises, how this thinking originated in Europe. The answer to this question is that European intellectuals and thinkers opened the windows of their minds through their writings and then began the journey of searching for new worlds. For example, about three hundred years ago today, Jules Verne, in his novel From the Earth to the Moon, imagined a spacecraft that orbited the moon after being launched from a powerful cannon. I enter and start circling around. Later, the journey of this spaceship ends in case of return to Earth. In his second novel, Jules tells the story of an asteroid that explores new secrets about space.

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