The State Of Science And Technology In China

The development of the country and the nation through science and technology in China’s national strategy. A total of one trillion Yuan was spent on research and discovery in science and technology in China in 2012, ranking third in the world in terms of its value.

The Chinese government guides the country’s science and technology activities through a national plan. China’s national-level scientific projects include basic scientific research, the discovery of new and advanced science and technology, scientific research projects related to agriculture, space industry, and national defense. The projects are drawn up by relevant experts under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the institutions in charge of the project are selected in a very transparent manner, and selected research institutes can obtain funds allocated for the project. According to the plan, China will establish a permanently manned space station before 2021.

China’s space project to investigate the moon:

China’s plan also consists of three phases. The first phase involves the launch of a research satellite orbiting the moon. After that, a lunar vehicle will be sent to land on the moon, and in the third phase, scientific research will be done on the surface of the moon, and samples of moon dust and rocks will be brought to the earth.

After years of effort, a comprehensive science and technology research system have now emerged in China. The quality of China’s discovery in some basic, advanced, and new fields of science and technology is at the forefront of the world. For example, space science, supercomputer technology, etc.

Manned space flight plan:

China’s manned space flight project began in 1929. The plan consisted of three phases: the first was to launch Chinese astronauts into space, the second was to connect different spacecraft to space, and the second was to launch a manned space laboratory in the shortest possible time. The third phase involves the launch of a long-term manned space laboratory, followed by space science research.

China’s National Plan for the Advancement of Science and Technology China’s National Plan for Basic Scientific Research began in March 1997. That is why this project is called nine seven three projects. The project includes important basic scientific research projects related to the national economy and social development, including agriculture, energy, information, resources and environment, population, medicine, and health.

In recent years, the Chinese government has allocated billions of Yuan for the project, under which more than 300 projects have been implemented. Of these, significant achievements have been made in the fields of pneumatics, genealogy, and ancient biological sciences.

China’s National Plan for Agricultural Science and Technology:

This project is called the Spark Project, which began in 1986. Under this project, Chinese scientists discovered many advanced agricultural techniques, which were widely used in rural China, and with good results. The use of this modern science and technology greatly boosted China’s agriculture and brought tremendous benefits to farmers.

China’s national project to investigate new modern science and technology began in March 1986. Therefore, this project is also called the project of eight, six, or three. China’s national scientific development project includes 15 projects in seven fields, including biological sciences, space science, information technology, laser technology, new energy technology, and new materials. The project created a comprehensive system for the discovery and development of modern and new science and technology in accordance with the specific conditions of China, which led to the training of high-quality scientists.


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