Top Inventions Of The Year 2020

From the list of some best inventions for the year 2020, we have selected for our readers, these inventions that are most important to our daily lives:

1۔ Hearing Aid:

This modern hearing aid reduces the noise around it by raising the volume. A sensor is also provided with the device, which also provides oral answers to questions while working under artificial intelligence. For example, Smart Assistant and translation from foreign languages ​​into your own language, etc. This hearing aid also takes care of the safety of the elderly. For example, the device also sends a warning message in case the person wearing the device falls or has an emergency medical problem.

  1. Talking glasses:

For those who have visual impairments, this invention can be a turning point. This invention has been called the “talking lens”. This artificial intelligence device is a device that can be fitted to any spectacle frame. The device is capable of recognizing faces and currencies, as well as reading information from text and bar codes. This new technology can also be used to help people who have difficulty reading.

  1. Smart stick:

A few years ago, a blind man named Corset Ceylon was trying to find a hotel with his stick and smartphone map application. While pulling luggage, he hit a pool and injured his forehead. As a result of this incident, Ceylon decided on his astonishing invention, which he named “WE WALK”. It is a smart stick that detects all obstacles and objects above the user’s chest. This stick can be used with “Bluetooth” for various applications and Google Maps. This new invention could help in the smooth movement of 250 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide.

  1. Smart razor:

Many men who go to the salon for shaving are unaware that they can now enjoy the feeling of warmth at home while shaving.

Yes, a heated razor is a smart razor with a stainless steel bar under five blades. This will give your face a warm feeling during shaving. In this regard, one of the four degrees of temperature can be selected by the sensor.

  1. Aero Farms:

Millions of people around the world suffer from food insecurity. According to experts, this number could increase significantly as climate change increases. In this regard, the creators of the Aero Farms project say that the special feature of this technology of Indoor Farms is that this type of agriculture and cultivation requires 95% less water than the traditional method. Under the company’s technology, the seeds are placed in wet cloth pieces instead of soil. It should be noted that Cabbage and Tara Mora have been widely cultivated through the technology of Aero Farms.

  1. Preparation of Drinking Water from the Air:

After air, water is the most important factor in the survival of human life. An invention in the form of a water dispenser has emerged in this regard. The invention is called Water gun and it draws moisture from the air and turns it into clean drinking water. This machine is capable of producing 7 gallons of water a day. It can be run on electricity or solar energy. This machine can produce clean drinking water even in areas with high air pollution.

  1. Smart chair:

In the German city of Berlin, a “smart” chair has been designed that gives the occupant great comfort and convenience. The auto-harmonic tilt in the chair constantly adjusts according to the style and manner of the user’s body seat. The lever under the chair does not need to be used for this purpose.

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