What are the benefits of the new technologies?

We live in the age of information technology. Information technology is the creation of computer scientists. Those who are extremely intelligent and possess scientific minds but now have no control over their useful invention. Now this invention has taken its own separate life. It is now up to the various forces in society to decide whether to use it properly or not. Now, these people decide when, where, and how to use information technology.

Information Technology Has Changed the World around Us:

This is not a small change for the people of our generation. In our time the media in our mountains were very simple and limited for us mountain people. The first and foremost source was mail. Correspondence was the source of information, feelings, and expressions. Emergencies were also reported by wire, but this facility was only available in large towns.

Radio was a major source of information.

About five hundred and seventy years ago man invented the printing press. This invention changed our world. Then, centuries later, in the eighties, such a new invention in the field of communication took place. It was the internet. Perhaps even its inventors could not have imagined what color this technology would bring, and give a new shape to communication in our world.

Internet Technology:

The Internet invented new ways of transmitting and acquiring ideas and information. Earlier, newspapers and TV used to give one-sided news and comments. People used to read, see, and hear them. The Internet has introduced Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Now the common man not only reads, but he can also write the answer. Can interact. Now a new twist is coming in this technology, in which maybe the broadcaster can see you, interact with you directly.

This revolution in information technology did not come overnight. In its background is the history of centuries. Man’s collective struggle, reflection, and desire to move forward.

Series of New Inventions:

The starting point for development in the world is the revival of science in Europe. With the Renaissance in Europe, a series of new inventions began. The greatest impact of the revival of science was on literature. Before that, the literature that was created in Europe was mostly about religion. Consisted of stories of religious heroes. With the revival of science, original and original literature also began to be created. Earlier it was generally emphasized what man can do for God, but now the conversation started, what man can do for himself. This began to change the mindset of the people and they became increasingly attracted to modern science.

Technologies in Industrial Field:

The Renaissance ushered in a social revolution in Europe as well as a revolution in the world of science, which resulted in the emergence of genius working scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton, who changed the way society thought. It ushered in an era of new discoveries, new inventions, and mental creativity. Thus a change in thinking in Europe led to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution ushered in a period of amazing change in all walks of life. The Industrial Revolution led to a great revolution in agriculture, industry, mining, and other areas of life with the help of new technologies.

Revolution That Computers:

There have been many new inventions in the world and many changes have taken place as a result. But the revolution that computers and the Internet have brought about is incredible. This technology made it possible to access information and data from around the world at the touch of a button. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. With this revolution came the legend of information technology. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee has changed the world of information and information through the World Wide Web. Steve Jobs invented the first efficient computer called the Apple One, which revolutionized the computer world.

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