Why Is The Groundwater Level Going Down and An exhibition of the inventions of young scientists in Los Angeles?

The Exploitation Of Groundwater Resources:

You hear the noise of depletion of groundwater, but have you ever tried to find out why? Why do our water motors stop working and then we have to drill deeper to get water? In a house where a 40-foot bore hand pump or faucet used to work best, why is there no water at 250 feet now? The simple answer is that we are not returning as much water as we are using from the ground, that is, our groundwater reserves are not being recharged.

How are groundwater reserves recharged?

From the rain and from the water we use (if we return that water to the earth) These reserves have been recharging for thousands of years, why not now? Because we blocked the natural way (rainfed) of rain and other used water to the ground (cement) with cement, coal, and concrete, the water that maintained the groundwater level. It no longer has a way back into the ground and we dump it in the gutters.

In large urban populations, if we all leave part of our home for the garden or the municipal corporations bore in the parks, baselines, etc. to absorb the rainwater underground, not only will the raw soil of the garden rain. Will use our water to maintain our groundwater levels. But our garden will also give us fresh fruits and vegetables every day. So come out of the shell of this so-called development and embrace real development.

An exhibition of the inventions of young scientists in Los Angeles:

A science fair was recently held in Los Angeles, California, USA, in which students from 65 countries, including US high schools, showcased their scientific inventions. And for that, he won prizes of up to 4 million. At the exhibition, 16-year-old Jidan Soko exhibited a robot that could be used against terrorism. According to him, these robots can be useful in defusing bombs.

Jidan said the robots could go under vehicles and detect the presence of explosives. This information can be useful for bomb disposal workers – to participate in this exhibition, students from 65 countries presented inventions related to science, medicine, chemistry, and other fields. A Ukrainian student has developed an instrument that is both a guitar and a violin. Chinese student Hao Yangfan demonstrated a skateboard tracking device that allows people to test their skating skills.

Jimmy Wang, a science teacher from Hong Kong, said that his team has come up with many different inventions. He said that these inventions include a device that can help people who have difficulty recognizing colors. This time there were more girls in the exhibition. Jessica Rushri, from the US state of California, had created a ride that could avoid obstacles. Megan Perkins of the US state of Kentucky did research on different fuels used in rockets. She has been experimenting with rockets in the cornfields behind her home since the age of eight.

Fifteen-year-old Maryam Tozi from Tanzania built a water storage unit. He came up with the idea after an accident at his home in which his mother accidentally left the tap water open.

Francesla Rojas, a 15-year-old Costa Rican, developed a device that uses glass, heat, and pressure to convert solar energy into electricity. She wants to be a mechanical engineer. Other girls like Francesla a also say that they are interested in science and want to go into a field of science when they grow up.

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