China’s Mars Mission, An Important Milestone In The Conquest Of The Space Sector

China’s first Mars mission has been successfully launched, which can be considered a major milestone in the conquest of the space sector. The journey to Mars will be completed in six to seven months and access to the Red Planet will be possible around February 2021. China’s first Mars mission has been dubbed “Tian Wen-1”, meaning “Questions from the Sky”. The name is also derived from the poetry of the ancient Chinese poet Chu Yun. According to Chinese experts, the name signifies the unwavering commitment of Chinese society to the truth and to science, and to the pursuit of nature.

China’s Mars mission:

It is worth mentioning that Mars has always been important in human history and the observation of Mars for thousands of years has been linked to human curiosity. In ancient China, Mars was called “Ying Ho”, which means “bright and unique”. Similarly, in ancient Rome, Mars was named after a god because of its red color. So Mars can be considered one of the most researched planets in the solar system, but the question is, why are people so curious about Mars than other planets and why? Want to know? There is a number of reasons for this.

What is Common in Earth Planet and Mars?

Both our Earth and Mars are neighbors. Mars is a neighbor of Earth, which has long been called the “sister planet” of Earth. Its diameter is 53% of our earth and its mass is 14%. A day on Mars lasts 24 hours and 39 minutes, while on our planet it lasts 23 hours and 56 minutes. Now that the two planets have many things in common, it is relatively easy for different countries to explore Mars, and man is also eager to learn about the solar system. The environment of Mars is said to contain mountains, plains, and valleys, and the most important thing that has been discovered so far is that Mars has water just like our Earth. Scientists have discovered that water has been present on a large part of Mars for billions of years.

Experts want to know more about the common features in the atmosphere of Mars and Earth

Now that Mars is so close to our Earth, it has become the focus of space scientists’ research. Many circles also argue that Mars was part of our Earth in the past or will become part of it in the future. Research is also being done on the point of Mars, what were the factors that made most parts of Mars barren, as awareness of all these issues would be very helpful in policy-making for the protection of our planet and the environment.

At this time, our planet is also facing various disasters. Therefore, in the future, it may be necessary to transfer human beings to another planet in the universe. Therefore, the discovery of Mars will also ignite the possibility that humans are going to establish another safe land.

Why this Mission is Important:

Scientists agree that Mars is currently the only planet in the solar system, after Earth, where traces of life can be found and plans for the future can be made. Experts also say that research on Mars can take years, and requires many generations of continuous research efforts. Recent research activities also aim to better understand the Martian atmosphere and to understand the evidence for the existence of life. In order to advance the sustainable development of mankind. China’s Mars mission will take seven months to reach the Red Planet, and the mission will focus on three key points: orbit, landing, and reconnaissance.

Landing on Mars is also not an easy step. Humans have made 44 attempts to explore Mars since the 1960s, but about half of them have failed. More than 40 spacecraft have been launched so far, but so far only eight of them have landed on Mars.

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