How Does The Stomach Work?

How Does The Stomach Work?

Stripes or cracked skin marks are lines that appear on the skin of the abdomen. Most of the problems that come with the rapid expansion of the abdomen, such as obesity, weight gain, even without physical pain But creates discomfort when seeing Many people are trying to find ways to get rid of this stretch mark.

Stretch marks are white, pink, red, purple or brown streaks, according to each person’s skin condition. Skin tension in that area Birth position And the cause of the pattern

Cause of the stomach

The stomach is torn of the dermis that is deep down the abdomen. Which is caused by the enlargement of the abdomen to see the blood vessels that are in the deeper layers Therefore saw a dark pattern Later, the blood vessels contracted and saw more white space. The pattern is caused by many reasons, such as pregnancy, especially in the third quarter (7-9 months gestation). Bodyweight increases rapidly. The body is growing rapidly. The use of corticosteroids for long periods of time or in the wrong way There is a history of the symptoms of a person close to the blood. And the rapid expansion of the abdomen from health problems such as Cushing’s Syndrome Where the patient is very obese from eating non-stop Or Mar Fan Syndrome The tissues and organs in the body are rapidly expanding.

The stomach is not any pain or danger that is only a stretch mark and gradually fades over time. Or when properly treated

How to solve?

Treatment of diarrhea can cause the skin to become thinner. Causing the mark to look faded But could not get rid of all the marks that had previously been removed. However, even if not treated Stretch marks will gradually fade away over time.

For some people who are needed Or stretch marks on the abdomen become a disturbing problem Dealing with striped problems Can do it by yourself and follow the procedure under medical supervision The selection of each method depends on many factors, such as expectations for the treatment of skin conditions, duration of the pattern. Convenience and cost of treatment

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